Welcome to Metal Friends!

A multi-project ecosystem with a limited NFT collection, token, staking and a P2E game

About us

Metal Friends NFT collection

A limited NFT collection made by professional artists and 3D designers.

Each NFT provides exclusive access to the Metal Friends P2E Universe, a space that will generate significant value for our holders over time. Holders will even be able stake their NFT within our ecosystem, read below.


Staking is an important part of our ecosystem and passive income will be one of the key benefits to our holders. We will offer both NFT and Token staking!


The foundation of the Metal Friends ecosystem will be built around our token. This will be an in-game currency but there will be numerous ways to earn in Metal Friends. Simply playing the Metal Friends game, in-game transactions, staking tokens/ NFTs or trading in stocks, all can provide our players/ holders with fun and profitable experiences.

Upon launch of our mint we will activate a Liquidty Pool by utilising a percentage of our inital seed investments and profits from the mint sale.

The Game – P2E

...The Metal Friends NFT-based Play-to-Earn game is aimed to gather active players and smart investors worldwide.

We are planning to launch The Metal Friends Game across IOS, Android and Windows, enabling holders to play on whatever platform they feel most comfortable with. No player will be left behind in the Metal band!

Team up with other players, form alliances, join a clan, create your own! Do whatever it takes to seize power and crush your enemies! Claim their possessions and all they hold dear in sieges and full scale

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Metal Friends NFT Collection

The 3D NFT collection was created over a period of 4 months, by designers, animators, and artists. At the moment the collection includes 500 NFT. Each of them has some direction: Superheroes, ART, common, warriors. The collection will have several drops, we will announce the date of the first drop after the token listing. The main features of holding NFT are staking, trading, and in-game usage.






Total Supply:


BNB Chain


Reward, Staking, P2E

TAX buy 0% sell 6%

Token and NFT staking

How to get passive income?

To create a successful project, you need holders, who believe in the project and let it develop.

For more motivation of our holders we will start staking coins and NFT staking.

What do you need for Staking?
  • 1. Have coins or NFTs
  • 2. Go to DApp and select conditions
  • 3. To withdraw or restake profits
NFT Staking

Total Staked


Daily reward

150.000 MTLS

Your NFTs


Your staked


Your pending reward

1.200.500 MTLS
MTLS Staking

20 days

35% APY

Total Staked

50.000.900 MTLS

Minimum Stake

150.000 MTLS


300.000 MTLS

Your pending reward

1.200.500 MTLS

The Game

Metal Friends is a P2E game with PvP and PvE mechanics. The game takes place in the near future where the robots stand up to defend their planet from the apocalypse.

You will have to fight together with your friends, participate in duels, build your shelter, improve your robot and earn rewards in MTL tokens.

To access the game, each participant will need an NFT character that allows you to play and earn with them.




September 2022

  • Stablishing the core team
  • Building Whitepaper
  • Start game development
  • Building website
  • Build and connect social networks
  • Making the NFT Metal Friends collection

October 2022

  • Launch Website
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Building an organic community for the project
  • Developing Token Contract
  • Developing Game's reward Smart Contracts
  • Launching Game Beta

November 2022

  • Launch a presale Marketing campaign
  • KYC
  • Smartcontract Audit
  • Launching Testnet
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Presale on Pinksale

November 2022

  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Starting main Marketing campaign
  • Launching our Staking features
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko
  • Launching NFT Marketing campaign

December 2022

  • Presale NFT collection
  • Launching Mainnet
  • Huge marketing campaign with P2E influencers

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